Distant Stars is a huge mod for Sins of a Solar Empire, made to increase the research levels greatly often doubling what was originally available. Also added are huge graphical improvements that were created by other members of the community and included in our mod, we have added many new planet types and also planet variations in size including varied population and statistics. On top of all this we have also increased the difficulty of the pirates making them much stronger than they were originally, not only is their base now protected by a Starbase and the planet undestroyable until you have defeated their starbase but they have also commandeered capital ships from each of the existing races.

The MOD helps to emphasise the differences between the three existing races due to it's huge research trees and also helps extend the length of games if you prefer longer games, however if you prefer shorter games the "Fast" gameplay speed has been speeded to over twice that of the original so if you prefer faster games, don't worry we also cater for you too!

Inbuilt Mini-Mods:

Sound Effect Replacement MOD:

Enchanced and/or replaced sound effects and replaced Battle music, it mostly consists of the remastered versions of the Haegemonia: The Solon Heritage OST, Band Of Brothers OST and the menu music is from E.S. Posthumus.

Sins Plus by Uzii:

This mod adds 11 new Planets and 66 new Planetary Bonuses, as well as Ship Graveyards. Custom research is also included for some of the new planets, and there is now the option to colonise Gas Giants, once you have acquired the technology.

Bailknight's Graphic Mod:

Improved Lighting and particle effects from Bailknight.

Volumetric Explosions & Damage Effects by ManSh00ter:

Much improved ship explosions & damage effects thanks to Mansh00ter.

Sins Sounds Enhancement MOD by Gurkoz:

Improved sounds ehancement created by Gurkoz.

Planetary Abilities concepts by -UE_Carbon:

Planetary Abilities thought of by -UE_Carbon.

Celestial Bodies by TohKlidan:

New Planets, Nebulae, Bonuses, and variants designed & created by TohKlidan.

Multiple Stars Graphics Mod by Boshimi336:

Removes the spiral galaxy animation which appears when zoomed out on a multiple star maps by Boshimi336.